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Build more accessible mobile applications

Enhance your app quality by building a more accessible app


Shifali Bharti

According to an article published in Law360 in 2019, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit expressly extended Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act to native mobile applications and targeted Domino's Pizza application.

In Robles v. Domino's Pizza LLC, Robles alleged in his complaint that he tried multiple times to order customized pizzas on the company’s mobile app but due to accessibility barriers he was unable to place his order.

The above incident clarifies why accessibility is important for any well-known mobile application. Lawsuits targeting native mobile applications are on rising and your app can legally be at risk if it is not accessible to users. Furthermore, accessibility needs vary from user to user, and without adequate support, users may find it difficult to interact with your app. By making your app more accessible you can enhance your app quality. Accessibility makes it easier for users to use your app. Android and iOS are the most common platforms that consider accessibility in the early development phase of the app.

On iOS, implementing accessibility is way simpler than it is on android. Both, iOS and Android, platforms have worked discreetly on accessibility needs and made it fairly easy to use built-in accessibility features.

It is always a good deal to save a lot of time on your hands by considering accessibility a part of your design process. You can follow accessibility best practices from the start and invest in a better way.

You can either go with accessibility testing though it requires planning. The core of the accessibility test is not only verifying usability but to make sure that users with many disabilities can also use that application. And companies need to make their applications accessible and usable to every user despite their disabilities. Accessibility testing offers various benefits to businesses. It ensures an efficient increase in user traffic to your app and helps in building a positive brand image.

Levels of accessibility testing companies should add:


You can increase accessibility testing by automating the parts accessibility checks. By identifying the right automation test platform, you can easily and effectively automate accessibility testing.

Manual testing

You can manually test accessibility features on a semi-regular basis.

Turn on accessibility features

You can also turn on accessibility features during your application development. By doing so, you can empathetically get an idea of how users are relying on your app.

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