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App Crash: A business’s nightmare

Your app can never be free of crashes but you can bring it to a stability level.


Shifali Bharti

App crashes on launch can be immensely frustrating for users. Even if the application freezes or slows down for two seconds, the typical user will uninstall the app. More repeated the crashes are more will be the number of uninstalls.

And it is not the device to be blamed always for app crashing. Sometimes the issue can be in the app itself. You can collect sufficient debug information when your app crashes and have enough information on what percentage of sessions end up crashing. Tracking crash rates help you reduce the rate of crashed sessions. Catching a crash early helps you quickly address the issue before it affects a large number of user's experiences and impacts your revenue.

Both app store and google play offer different approaches to collect crash logs from users though they are limited up to an extent. Furthermore, third-party libraries also offer plenty of advantages that work well for all sizes of apps. Though third-party libraries save enough time on your hands they are not stable and reliable. Using an excessive number of third-party libraries can affect the performance of your website. Third-party library updates are sometimes difficult to do. Sometimes an update can break things and put you in a situation of whether spending time fixing it or leaving it just like that only.

You can call library updates one of the riskiest ones. Even if you are done with the updates, you need to test your app’s behavior and monitor crash and bug reports while your app is progressing and building. You'll need a lot of feature flags for API changes.

Or either you can go with custom-built crash reporting solutions. These custom solutions not only provide additional information on events that might lead to a crash but you also get alerts when a new type of crash appears. Integrate new crashes and refer them in pull requests. Organizations with various apps choose to go with custom solutions for better integration with in-house project management and coding tools.

At Hashbrown Systems, we build API-driven feature-rich mobile applications with serverless capabilities, on the cloud-first data model, that demonstrate low latency and are highly scalable. We take responsibility for managing the backend services of the applications.

We help organizations transform their ideas into applications and build high-performing enterprise apps at lower comparative costs. Click here to learn more about our mobile application development services and know more about our app development solutions.

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