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A Mobile App for Quick & Easy Job Location Verification

LocationWise lets user collect images, watermark and GPS location while in the field. You can easily take before-and-after images for the record and send them as an evidence with your inspection repor


Shipra Rajpal

Are you looking for an easy & smart way to verify any work location? LocationWise has made location verification simple and quick for all.

This app lets users collect images, and GPS locations while in the field. You can easily take before-and-after images for the record and send them as evidence with your inspection report.

location-wise location

Some key benefits of using this location verification app are below-

Instantly Organized

Photos and videos taken with the LocationWise app on your smartphone are categorized by date. Everything is time-stamped and GPS-stamped automatically. You can add a watermark to customize your pictures and protect them from imitation.

Quick Photo and Video Inspections

Performa a simple photo/video inspection for any maintenance issue or perform a full tenant move-in/move out inspection.

Not only LocationWise instantly captures every minute detail using your phone's inbuilt camera but also gives you complete control over stamps. You can choose a perfect location stamp and alter it as per your requirement.

Customization with Real-time Sync

All your pictures and videos will not only be auto-stamped but can be further altered as per your business need. You can add your signature, business logo and generate a report in just seconds!

Click images with the phone’s camera, and it will get real-time synced with the LocationWise app for further actions.

Eliminate Work Verification Disputes

Present your client or boss with stamped before-and-after pictures from job sites for quick work location verification. Your boss/client can easily identify wear and tear, damages, missing items, and cleaning and maintenance requirements by checking before-work pictures, and they compare it with after-job-done pictures.

Eliminate Paper for Good

Capture digital evidence using LocationWise for easy and fast location verification. It will generate a nice image report that contains all stamps, watermarks, and signatures for effective and evidenced dispute resolution.

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Give it a try today!


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