The limited reach of an Out-of-home Advertising Campaign

The possibilities of Ooh media campaigns are finite and that is not such a bad thing.

Ooh | 02/01/2021
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If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you. In advertising and marketing parlance, the interpretation would be – we are chasing impressions and take everything and anything that the medium has to offer.  

Internet works that way – your ad can be seen (most probably not) by everyone in the entire connected world.  

TV does so in some limited capacity. Radio and Print even more so. 

Though there is a defined limit to the reach, the medium is open-ended in terms of geographic landscape.  

Out-of-home though is a strange beast of the advertising world. Everyone needs it to build their brand. No one employs the power of Ooh media more vigorously than the leading digital advertising platforms.  


Possibilities of an Ooh Media campaign are limited.  

Once we have defined the reach by defining the campaign’s demography, geography and the psychographic segmentation of the audience, we pretty well know where we are going. With size constraint, location constraint and audience definition, media planners and advertisers are able to clearly define the objectives.  

Once we know we are going, all we have to do is get there. 

It is not as easy as I make it sound but that is how a data-driven approach to advertising works. You segment the audience and target them efficiently using clearly defined consumer cohorts. The measurements are also more authentic and believable. Localization and personalized ad experience could be a fringe benefit or perhaps a huge reward for such an intelligent approach.    

Hashbrown Systems helps you get there by employing our out of home technology stack. Click here to learn more about it or contact us with your queries and we shall get the conversations started.  

If you are pressed for time and then do not forget to check out our media and campaign planning tool. 


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