Out-of-home media monitoring, audit and compliance

Cross Platform Monitoring Solution for Agencies, Media Owners, Brand Managers and Auditors

Ooh | 08/10/2019
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One of the biggest challenges faced by Out-of-Home advertising industry is pilferage, low compliance and absence of quality control mechanism.  At Hashbrown Systems, we have designed a monitoring and compliance system that is location aware, real-time, tamper-proof, cross platform and constantly connected.  

The solution unifies the services provided by the Vendor, verifies the activity by tamper-proof mechanism, integrates the data and information into a CRM that provides real time updates and reports to the advertiser/client by way of web portal and personalized mobile applications. 

Deployed on the cloud, this robust system manages over 100,000 + locations for one of our clients. It handles Billboard, Hoardings, Displays, Transit Media, Wall Painting and other non-classified media.  


It is a reliable system that has only found trust with some of the highest spending brands within the country but one of the big four employs our solution for their audit process.  

Contact us to know more about Hashbrown Systems’ Outdoor Monitoring System, and while you are at it, do read our case study that provides in depth view of the system and the process. 



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