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Guru Cingh

The growth of OOH 

The good news is that advertising spend displayed an unprecedented growth to reach expenditure of $8.3 billions. That was the US market. For 2019, OOH is expected to grow by +2.8 percent as new digital screens are likely to attract brands from sectors like technology, luxury, and travel. 

And Data sourced through WARC’s global marketing index, digital and OOH were the only media to see marketing budgets grow around the world in March 2019. Other media channels registered declines. 

With a benchmark score of 50 points to indicate no change, digital (excluding mobile) budgets saw the quickest growth in March, with an index value of 65.5. Mobile budgets were close behind, at 65.2, and OOH showed an increase at 50.2. 

All good news for the media owners and advertising fraternity that will benefit from increase in media spend towards OOH, and justifiably so. Outdoor advertising is the most efficient form of advertising when it cometh to building a brand.  


Advanced Analytics for Audit  

Hashbrown Systems has been in business of building tools for OOH monitoring for over half a decade now. Our systems monitor over 150,000 locations in real-time all over the country. Billboards, unipole signs, bus-shelters, transit media, wall paintings, et al.  

Even though technology is the driving force behind those applications that run the compliance system, there are significant costs involved and the process is arbitrary. But it works and is accepted.  

We will introduce two relatively alien concepts that will create a paradigm shift in how an Out-of-home campaign is managed and monitored.  

  1. Machine Learning for Audit 

  1. Artificial Intelligence for Quality Control  


Machine Learning for Audit  

At Hashbrown we have devised some standard operating procedures and protocols for media owners that employs statistical machine learning tools to provide a compliance score for each location.  

A campaign’s total activity can be charted in a graph and the process provides a 360-degree view of an active campaign to the marketing team.  


Artificial Intelligence for Quality Control  

The application of deep learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of Hashbrown Systems are legendry in the corridors of OOH Advertising Agencies in India. We have successfully built and deployed cameras that measure and analyze traffic in real - time.  

We have designed a robust, scalable and an intelligent vision mechanism that shall provide a mechanism for brands to ensure that the media being installed meets the quality specs.  

In further discussion, we will delve into details and give a preview of methodology and results.  

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a Hashbrown representative to learn more about the product, services and a demonstration. 

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