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OOH Monitoring System Built for Scale: An Overview

OOH Monitoring System is the best-in-class OOH audit solution developed by Hashbrown Systems to handle real-time monitoring of assets spread across 100,000+ locations


Guru Cingh

Industry leaders in OOH sector have been clamoring for the need of measurability and accountability, for a few years now. Hashbrown Systems has built a robust and foolproof monitoring system that solves the problem of measurability and accountability. It is being used by both Indian and US-based agencies and brands that have 100,000+ locations mapped.

Simplified Data Verification

The OOH Monitoring System built by Hashbrown Systems is the most advanced campaign management system and it comes with a tamper-proof methodology that ensures 100% compliance. Campaigns and locations verified by the OOH Monitoring System have consistently met the compliance requirements set by the Big4 audit firms. Outdoor media verification process is simple and ensures efficient execution:

It is interesting to note that Hashbrown Systems handles over 150,000 locations in real-time for Bubna Advertising, one of the largest outdoor advertising agencies by volume - globally. Insights shared in the Case Study further enlighten us about the robustness of the solution.

OOH Campaign Automation

From the mobile app., to ERP Application, to the web portal, and a solid data integration system in place, the Hashbrown Systems’ OOH Monitoring System is a sophisticated tool – a one-of-its-kind marvel made for the OOH industry that is being primarily run by Brands, Agencies, and Vendors or Media owners. The system is equipped with tools to automate a campaign from ground up. A few highlights of the OOH Monitoring System are depicted below:

The effectiveness of the system is evident from the fact that it works even in offline mode, at remote areas, is tamper-proof, and across platforms and low-performance mobile devices. It just works. When it comes to foolproof auditing of a campaign performance, Hashbrown Systems OOH Monitoring System can be counted as a trusted partner in the process.

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