Machine Learning in OOH Planning - II

A brief and a visual look at our planning tool for OOH advertising industry.

Ooh | 04/26/2019
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Part II – The Product

Without much ado, it would be convenient for both the reader and the writer to introduce an Outdoor Advertising planner that employs the latest of Data Analytics and Machine techniques to provide an immersive and innovative experience.

Now, the product, and we shall call it the product. To understand the functionalities, let’s look at a case scenario from the perspective of an Electrical Goods manufacturer that would like to explore unexplored markets of the country and do that employing reliable and refined data about the market, demography, spending patterns (yeah we got it for most parts), and concentration of populations and most importantly primary and secondary commercial centres.

The Ai engine analyses the location, various points of commerce and concentration of businesses, it determines the primary city centres for optimal sales and marketing strategy.

As simple as it may sound, and as complex it may be, if you are a brand manager, an advertising and marketing agency or a media planner, you shall have access to reliable, researched data to perform market analysis from the perspective of final point of delivery of product or services.

We have redacted a whole lot of information about the product but the text above and a few screenshots below should shed a little light upon it.

The Numbers

Besides providing a thorough analysis of a particular area or, recommending as area based upon your analysis, the product also dispenses beautiful figures about the targetable population of a campaign.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to understand more about ‘the product’.


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