Introducing Meridian – Contextual Planning and Data Visualization

First preview of our Location Intelligence tool for media planning, campaign execution and Ooh media mapping.

Ooh | 02/26/2021
Blog Hashbrown

First of all, a word of gratitude. To US Advertising Agencies, who provided with the initial and much required push towards building our Traffic Analytics tool and Leafberry Ads for the first successful installation of cameras for measurements and metrics.  

Without further ado, let’s have a preview.  

you will find that a substantial amount of actionable information is available hitherto never before.  

  1. Traffic Count 
  2. Impressions 
  3. Cost per thousand impressions.  
  4. Number of two wheelers 
  5. Number of four wheelers, divided into 
    • Hatchbacks 
    • Sedans 
    • SUVs 
    • Luxury Sedans 
  6. Hourly traffic  
  7. Daily Traffic  

…so on, and so forth. 

As of now media is mapped to aid Media Owners sell more effectively and as and when psychographic analysis are available, we shall start introducing our platform to planners, brands and agencies.  

Once again thanks to everyone who have helped us in the journey so far, we shall strive to build a robust, dependable and encrypted solution for those involved in the Ooh media industry. 

Have a great weekend! 


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