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Hashbrown Systems: OOH’s AI Revolution is Here

AI driven products for Ooh monitoring and auditing.


Lenin Samuel

The Ooh industry's post-Covid-19 revival seems positive, with the Magna Intelligence report 2020 hinting at 5% northwards from 2022 onwards. Ooh as an industry has remained almost buoyant thanks to its resilience, even when traditional behemoths like newspapers, magazines & TV is losing ground at a dramatic rate.

The buoyancy has a lot to do with the basic nature of Ooh. It is the only platform that truly participates in the physical world and has the remarkable ability to engage with consumers, almost like another single-story human.

At Hashbrown Systems, we have spent almost a decade building tools for Ooh monitoring, largely due to our passion for the industry more than anything else. Our systems monitor over 150,000 locations in real-time all over the country. You name it- billboards, Unipole signs, bus shelters, transit media, wall paintings, and more. In all these years our creed has remained the same- intelligent technology can guide OoH through the next phase of evolution.

Add to Ooh's inherent resilience, the efficiency-boosting aspect of AI-driven tech- and you have a paradigm-shifting combination. We have two AI-powered solutions that will accelerate the rate of Ooh's revival-

  1. Machine Learning for Audit
  2. Artificial Intelligence for Quality Control

Machine Learning for Audit

With the aid of our in-house team of statisticians, Ooh professional developers we have built reliable standard operating procedures and protocols for media owners that employ statistical machine learning tools to provide compliance scores for each location. A campaign’s total activity can be planned and budgeted based on the score.

Artificial Intelligence for Quality Control

We have incorporated deep learning and artificial intelligence capabilities with our in-house built and deployed cameras to measure and analyze traffic in real-time. Along with measuring, the intelligent vision mechanism can also be used to monitor media installations and plan executions.

If you would like to learn more about our products and discuss the possibilities of using tech to troubleshoot existing concerns- do contact

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