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Data Driven OOH Media Allocation

Media Allocation for outdoor advertising by employing Geospatial Analytics, Data Analytics and Machine learning algorithms on commercial data and user behavior.


Guru Cingh

The Brand’s mandate was to identify about five optimum locations for outdoor advertisement in the city of Ludhiana. Easier done if you had physical presence in the city, and you personally knew the vendor/ media owner.  

The Hashbrown Analytics team applied our enhanced gravity model that clearly defines the residential population and commercial centers and finds optimized routes.  

The images in succession shows how it is done.  

Geospatial analysis of thousands of points of interest and housing of high net worth individuals, provide insights on flow of high net worth individuals in major non-metro towns of India.

The billboard icons represent intersections for highest brand impact - arrived at by analysis of weekly traffic behavior for the city. 

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