How Apple Came to Rule the Roost

The quintessential brand set the stage for a digital movement

Digital Transformation | 10/20/2020
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In 2007, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement gained momentum because the newly-minted iPhone users started asking the question: “Why do I have this amazing communication device in one hand and a corporate-issued Blackberry in the other?” 

Ten years later, access to business communications and collaboration tools on our personal devices became the rule, not the exception, which is still apparent today. 

Better user experience 

The iPhone brought to the masses a device that was friendly and fun to use. As a result, it raised the bar for not only other mobile device makers, but all software in general. 

Unified communications (UC) clients are the perfect example of how modern design and the impact of the iPhone’s user experience has impacted business communications. Before the iPhone, most desktop softphones were written as virtual replicas of a user’s desk phone, to the point of being able to use your mouse to click on a dialpad on your screen. Today, most UC vendors have taken a mobile-first approach to design and development, and most desktop clients look more like their mobile counterparts than the desk phones of old. 

Why people choose Apple 

Fifty percent of the people buying Apple products are new customers; many stating privacy policy as one critical reason for their choice. Unlike other companies, Apple does not monetize the information users store on their Apple devices or on their cloud computing service iCloud. 

Apple has a dedicated privacy website with advice on password strength, security questions and additional security measures when using Apple devices and digital products. 

Further, Apple has made substantial updates to its privacy policies and revamped their website to offer a more transparent and user-friendly view on how data is collected and used by the company. 

Propagates safe online behaviours 

Apple also has clear and easy-to-navigate tools across all of its devices, to enable safe online behaviours and sharing of personal data. 

Great customer acquisition 

Apple has acquired great customers at scale and has an uncanny ability to get what might be a more average customer to spend like a great customer; Apple customers spend more and they spend more often. 

And in this era of digital transformation, we at Hashbrown Systems, have worked over the years with SMEs as well as established brands to create new sources of direct growth in businesses. 

With our cloud-first, data-centric approach, we have demonstrated direct savings, waste reduction and a direct increase in sales for businesses. 

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