Embracing the Inevitable Advance of Digital Transformation

Business leaders have to engage with the digital revolution, whether they are ready or not.

Digital Transformation | 03/17/2021
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Business leaders across the globe are grappling with the tectonic changes ushered in by the Covid pandemic. According to the report ‘Thriving in an AI World’ by audit firm KPMG, nearly 50% of business leaders in the manufacturing, retail, and technology sectors believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving faster than expected. KPMG surveyed 950 business leaders across seven industries including technology, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare.

Over the past decade, plenty of reports have made it clear that the pace of digitisation has mostly been underestimated and will only increase. The writing on the wall is clear- business leaders have to engage with the digital revolution whether they are ready or not.

AI transformation is an extension of digital transformation along with other key technologies such as automation, advanced analytics and the Internet of Things, and they are perennially evolving at a breakneck speed.

However, our experience with our clients shows that strategic collaboration and timely intervention to accelerate digital infrastructure building can produce impressive turnarounds in a short period. 

The results were remarkable. Order cycles were optimised and product wastage was reduced. Mobile-based enterprise applications centralized sales as well as reduced the need for managerial oversight. Advanced analytics improved supply and distribution enabling faster fulfilment.

The present age requires organisations to build digital infrastructures to remain competitive and to reap the massive benefits that digitisation brings. It is essential to have the right partner to enable this change. Click here to learn more about our software consulting and platform services. You can reach out to us by clicking here.


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