Smart Analytics for Managers

To make data driven design and to get smart insights, analytics plays an important role.

Data Visualization | 04/05/2019
Blog Hashbrown

Smart analytics in true terms, is a collection of techniques and approaches that, deliver useful insights for making marketing investments that pay off. It has been a point of attraction for a few years, but the reasons are varying.  We thought a few years ago that the dilemma was how to use in hand large chunks of data, now it has been changed to the question of lagging behind the competitors who are already exploiting the existing data. The advantages people are getting through analytics let’s say in the department of customer care, pricing etc. are significantly different from each other. This is all about simple tools for executives and managers, doubling down on the training for them so they understand, have belief in, and can use the customizable tools.

Both short – term and medium – term problems are associated with it. Short – term as in, if a system has been developed and deployed, how front-line managers will use it. And, long – term could be how to upscale the organization to be able to do this on broader scale. Here you need people that have a sense of the business, and they should be comfortable with using smart analytics.


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