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A brief history of Hashbrown Systems – Part II

The journey of thousand miles begun with the first outdoor monitoring application


Guru Cingh


The journey of thousand miles begun with the first outdoor monitoring application


The Problem

There was a wise man somewhere, I do not know him and I have never heard of him as well, but he was a wise man as he once remarked, rather remarkably, that if you are not serving customers, serve those who are serving customers.

So, by way of chance, one of the largest out of home advertising company in India discussed a peculiar set of problems. The problems were integral and endemic to India and markets that could resemble Indian market in nature of transaction and operation. Though this beautiful nugget of conclusion was rather arrived at after spending a few years working upon it.

Our client is one of the biggest advertising companies in India not only by way of volume but also by scale. Think of a pan India campaign of an FMCG product such as tea, or underwear, two things that usually go together early every morning all across India.

If an advertiser or a brand is planning on advertising a product over any respectable swathe of India, he would be dealing with over a hundred vendors from villages, towns, and cities both big and small.

How do you manage such a campaign?  

How do you protect the brand value of the product? How do you ensure that quality is delivered to the very end of a village near a town in the country?

You do it by way of Hashbrown Systems’ Out of Home Media Monitoring System. It is a unique set of tools built on latest cloud technology by the proven method of hard work, ingenuity and engineering.

It seems we have gloated for too long and not provided enough information about the Outdoor Media Monitoring Solution. As chance would have it, you can find more about it here -

Over the next few days, we would communicate more about the process, the technology, and how we gradually built the expertise into outdoor media domain.

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