A brief history of Hashbrown Systems – Part I

'If your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.' ~Henry J. Kaiser

Data Science | 08/29/2017
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'If your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.' ~Henry J. Kaiser



Last week, without aplomb or celebrations of self-congratulatory kind, we entered into sixth year of our operations. We came out screaming, scratching, and eventually crawling, and soon enough we should be up on our feet, walking. I think these are enough parables for today.


The Story

Hashbrown Systems was conceived with the idea of creating products and services for emerging markets, and in so far, we have been fairly successful in building some niche products for some of the industries that felt ‘untouched’ by latest innovations and advancement in technology.

Over the next few weeks, we would discuss those in detail.

But the skill that brought us where we are, was not our technical and scientific prowess, it was our ability to gain trust of our clients. For us that is the most important aspect of conducting business and upon that ethos we run our operation. Now, our clients safely depend upon us from licensing, compliance, to liaison with outside vendors on their behalf, in fact everything that has to do with Information Technology in Business, we serve as their able lieutenants.



It would be cruel to conclude without a little brief on one of the products and industries that we specialize in, and God is our witness when we say specialize we mean it in letter and in spirit for we do not take that word lightly, and as you would notice, we use it sparingly and for the right reasons when we do.

à Out-of-Home Media Monitoring Systems

Hashbrown Systems is perhaps the only company that creates customized internal audit and monitoring system for Outdoor Media Marketing and Advertising. Follow this link (http://hashbrown.com/products/ooh-monitoring-system) to know more about the process, features and offerings.


Part II – The Products of Hashbrown Systems


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