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The Future of Third-Party Data Looks Bleak

Brands and advertisers are shifting from third-party data to building first-party data strategies.


Shifali Bharti

At Hashbrown Systems, we have been fierce advocates of ‘First-Party Data Systems’ for a while now.

Our line of argument has been pretty simple and straightforward- the very concept of ‘Third-Party Data Gathering’ is exploitative at its core and unsustainable as a practice. Any investment in building an expansive strategy based on ‘Third Party Cookies’ will be both damaging to the brand and expensive to re-engineer when it breaks down under extensive governance and public spotlight.

A recent death knell rang when Apple upset the cart. In the month of April over 1 billion iPhones and 1.65 Apple devices were updated with Apple's iOS14.5 and the resultant simplification of disallowing tracking with an easy tap massively eroded the empty promises of ‘Third Party Data’. They are quickly becoming relics among us, owing to privacy concerns and regulatory changes.

With this growing concern, brands and advertisers are shifting from third-party data to building first-party data strategies.

Our recommendation is the same as every time - Employ a first-party data strategy. First-party data is as simple and feasible as it sounds. Information is collected directly from customers by brands for analysis to personalize experiences and drive new customers and sales.

With our strong in-house Data Analytics & Management team we can design a stunningly effective and quick to deploy First Part Data Strategy. This is here to stay and is very much the future of excellent consumer-brand relationships.

To read more about what Apple did and how it affected social media giants read the following link-

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