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The Rise of Middle Class and Opportunities for Hashbrown Systems

Digitization and automation solutions that concentrate on efficient integration for better management that result in higher organizational turnover, sales and profits.


Guru Cingh

For the purpose of getting to the point we would leave the numbers and semantics to another blog and skip the preamble that the middle class in India, South Asia and South East Asia is getting stronger by the hour. I could find you a statistic somewhere that could point to the hour rate of growth of hundreds of thousands of people waking to more prosperous surroundings.

Some economists even argue that there is no developed world and developing world that there are consumers and non-consumers and they are divided everywhere. But economics is a too serious a matter left to economists and so we would add that globally, and this comes from Brookings Institute and I will quote, 

‘The new data, especially on prices and growth, suggest that the global middle class, numbering about 3.2 billion in 2016, may be considerably larger, by about 500 million people, than previous calculations suggested.’ 

What does the portend for the established businesses? 

That the consumer set is changing more rapidly than you could imagine and has more options. There are far more new entrants into the market, more disruptions, and the overall level playing field is getting a bit even.  

How does Hashbrown Systems fits in? 

Hashbrown Systems reduces the cost of digitalization and automation for companies operating in the field of advertising, institutional sales and small to medium sized brokers and boutique trading firms i.e. Goldman Sachs would not be our customers but Hiranandani Consulting that has fewer funds to manage.  

The above pretty much sums us up.  

These are the technologies and platforms we work in.

We do bespoke programming that integrate large and varied swath of processes of an organization into a cohesive platform. In so far we have had three notable success, two of which we can share and one of which, our client does not wish to. 

For a leading outdoor advertising company in India. One that handles over 100,000 + OOH media simultaneously that includes wall paintings and over 1000 buses and transit media, we automated the ecosystem of campaign management. End result.

Head Count – 54 to 37 

Business / Revenue – INR 200cr +  

A Leading canned food brand entrusted us with a proof of concept to manage their on ground sales force, now the platform handles over 300cr in sales of perishables in canned food.

Our expertise lies in connecting parts of an organization successfully without harming the agility and nimbleness of a smaller team. Organizationally speaking, it helps the bosses to delegate more effectively and makes for easier management of accounts and let the sales team meet their targets.

With a steady focus and understanding of numbers, finances, and Information Technology we never lose sight of ensuring faster turnover, higher unit economics and more sales. 

Contact us to consult us on how we can contribute to fuel the further growth of your organization.

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