Bad Software Ruins lives

Software bug keeps inmates, eligible for release, behind bars.

All things Hashbrown | 03/30/2021
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The Arizona Senate Bill 1310 sanctioned a release program for prisoners sentenced on specific drug charges to serve up to 70% of their sentences after completing self-improvement and other state-provided programs. But due to a software bug, this law was ignored in few cases.

According to state employees, the ACIS software was incapable of identifying inmate release dates. They also indicated that the department leaders were aware of this situation. The Arizona Department of Corrections confirmed in a statement that its ACIS software was unable to calculate early release dates for prisoners who’ ve qualified for the Senate Bill 1310 sanctioned programs. Though they denied prolonging sentences of any inmates. More than hundreds of inmates had to suffer because of a software bug. 

A software bug can have a catastrophic impact on people and organizations which rely on it. Hence, it is indispensable to have partners like Hashbrown Systems. Our understanding is not only limited to technical expertise but also covers the overall nature of the client’s requirements.

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