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2017 - The Year That Was

It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to


Guru Cingh

From Whence we began – Machine Dalal

The year begun as we prepared to launch Machine Dalal to its audience at Print-Pack 2017. I will not eulogize the product for search engine optimization purpose. Interested if you are, you can check the marketplace out for yourself. The simplicity, effectiveness and the clarity with which we enable our users to share machines information is unparalleled.

From Print and Graphics, we aim to make a move into Packaging and Plastic equipment. This is a specialized product for a small number of business and organization. Machine Dalal is also standardizing the market for semi-automatic and manual machines, and also creating a secondary market for the same.

From zero, we have almost one hundred new machine manufacturers onboard and used offset and post press machinery from around the world, Machine Dalal is slowly becoming a viable tool for the industry to conduct its trade upon.


OOH Media Monitoring – the story continues

Unbeknown to everyone in the world, even we ourselves, we have created by far the best outdoor media monitoring system, at least on this planet. How do we know it? Our client told us so, after he tried over seven different offerings. Talk about beautiful and motivating surprises.

So much so, our client had us build mobile applications on both the platforms for his client outreach. Seems to have worked. This is another of our industry specific products. OOH Monitoring is an invaluable internal audit tool. It does a lot of things, but the most important function that it performs is that is ensures that the payments to the agency are never stopped / halted due to lack of performance parameters.


Furiosa – Outdoor Advertising to the level Next

Somewhere along the way, we became a Data Company (more about that later) and we realized that correlating the fuck-load amount of data that we have, and that we capture and that we have captured relentlessly for over five years, from all across the country, because we had nothing better to do.

I shall rephrase.

We discovered that outdoor advertising, as an industry, was based on a lot of things but not numbers. There were no metrics of any kind to support or oppose an argument. Resource allocation was a judgmental approach and there is absolutely no concrete ROI measurement for the industry as a whole.

We plan on changing that and seems that industry professionals are with us on this.  The year 2018 should herald seminal changes for the outdoor industry as a whole – from planning, monitoring, compliance and transparency.


Purchasing Manager – Small problems made for a big solution.

Did we tell you that we have one of the finest order management system for HoReCa?

Even we didn’t know that. Our platform enables one of the biggest canned food company in India to connect with their last mile customers, distributors and the warehouse.

And did I mention that we are also a Data Company? We also have bucket load of information on retailers, suppliers, brand managers, purchasing manager from all across the country and Burma, and Middle East. We will see what to do with it.

Meanwhile a friend of ours, was finding it difficult to manage the purchase process at his tiny little shop in Alhambra, California.  I had a solution that would help, I said. We created a small application that took a huge amount of our time for our friend to manage about 5000 products at his shop. He also manages over a hundred vendors and brands by using what we have simply decided to call – Purchasing Manager.

Did I tell you that we are also a Data Company? But did I tell you that we train machines to do jobs that were either performed by people or not performed at all? I am sure I must have mentioned that we have mother-load of data. So what happens when we train a machine with real data from the real world? You get real world solutions. If you don’t know where I am going? I shall enlighten you.

To the future of retail management where we reduce wastage, improve efficiency and lower dependence on manpower and create automation for your everyday small business owner.

Purchasing Manager was conceived for grocery shop but it has been converted into a generic application for various verticals and can be amalgamated to each his own.

This is a paid product that includes a business intelligence suite for better, more efficient business management.


Hashbrown Systems – Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other related keywords.

Companies are just like humans, as affirmed by the US Supreme Court ruling. And just like humans, it took us a while to realize who we truly were. Hashbrown Systems is a software company but we were always a software company seeped into shit load of industry data. We were always a data company, no, we have always been a big data company.

The difference between then and now is that the moment we apply statistics – we do it on real world data, we play with real world scenarios and we have real world statistician on board with us.

Insurance, Advertising and Retail are our forte and we are working on products for those industries internally. We build customized solutions for our clients – set up their environments, deploy and train their team to take our good work further.

Meanwhile we are building a voice based solution for apartment rental industry. It is one of those work in progress kind of thing, but once deployed we would be boasting or humbly showcasing our NLP abilities to the world.


Hashbrown Systems – The Masters of the Cloud

Let me put it this way, Hashbrown Systems deployed on Microsoft Azure for the first time in the year 2012. Flipkart did that in 2017.

We have been building industry specific solution on Alexa months before Alexa was available in the Indian market.

Yeah, we are your team if we you ever need to put your business on the cloud. We develop, deploy and support cloud enterprise solutions for a few companies that are leaders in their domain.


Nature of the Beast

Bilbo would say.

'It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to'


And indeed, it was. We were fortunate in terms of who our clients have been. There was no going forward without them. We were technically capable but understanding a business process, implementing it and including all the stakeholders was a different game altogether.

That we have been working with the same clients, year on year, is a testament to our capabilities, expertise and acumen.

Our work speaks for itself, and our clients speak for us and this is something we can merrily live with.


The future is now, the future is Hashbrown

If we didn’t think so, we would not be in business. We would not be doing what we love to do i.e. solve business problems for small and medium enterprises. For the next coming months, we see ourselves continuing our stellar work for outdoor advertising, supply and distribution for HoReCa and processed food industry, and continue our march in employing data science for demand forecasting, predictive modelling and recommendation engines.

Hashbrown Systems is the company that creates efficiency in business process. We are a company that can look at all aspects of your business and discover procedures and patterns that would catalyse growth and productivity.

With these thoughts, Hashbrown Systems bids thee welcome to the future.


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