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The Hashbrown OOH Suite

The Ooh suite by Hashbrown Systems is the complete set of applications, systems and software to efficiently, effectively and intelligently manage and administer all aspects of an outdoor advertising and marketing campaign.

The system appropriates Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Geospatial analysis to create set of location intelligence tools that support planning, execution, auditing and provide valuable insights before, after and most importantly during the course of a campaign.

Outdoor Media Campaign Planning

Our Media Planning platform is one of a kind marvel for all the stakeholders of Out-of-Home industry. It captures, classifies, segments and compartmentalizes millions of POIs into one persuasive and functional tool.

planning tool for billboard

Billboard, Hoardings, Displays

And other related Media

Intelligently identify ideal locations to place displays for maximum brand awareness.

planning tool for transit media

Transit Media

Buses, Trams, Metros, et al.

Agile Route Selection facilitates microtargeting, better planning and much larger spread of message.

planning tool for wall paintings

Wall Painting

And non-classified media

Reconnaissance and Planning of Wall paintings, informal and BTL marketing campaigns.

Know more about Outdoor Media Campaign Planning east

Audit, Monitoring & Management

Hashbrown Systems is pioneer in outdoor monitoring and audit solutions. Our software has been duly audited by one of the big four companies and the results are accepted by industry readers.



The management portal has access control for vendors, field executives and clients besides options to generate reports and manage daily activities.



Vendor transmits on the ground data by smart phone application. The information is verifiable and tamper proof.



The client has a 360-degree view of the campaign and gets up to date information by way of regular visits by internal auditing team and through vendors.

Analytics, Insights & Visualization

Broad set of tool to preplan, plan, execute, monitor and measure the impact of your campaign. I kid you not, the incredible team of Hashbrown Systems has made it happen for the OOH Advertising industry.

ooh-traffic-analysis Image
ooh-traffic-count Image

Real time Traffic Analysis

We at, Hashbrown Systems 3d print cameras for different locations, train the model to identify and count traffic for brand manager to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign, and gauge performance of advertisements at a particular location.

Location Analysis

We collate demography data with millions of points of interest data that we have access to, and provide a clear picture of an intended target group. Identify and reach your audience quantitatively.

Advertise Image
Advertise Image

Impressions and Costs

Estimate Return on Investment (ROI) of total campaign or single location by a thorough scientific and statistical analysis and deploying the PEEP - our bespoke 3d printed camera that counts, identifies and analyses traffic.

Media and Campaign Planning Platform as a Service

Business Presentation

Our integrated systems and software have transformed the agencies that use our applications. The boost in productivity, capability and performance have translated info increased efficiency, automation and most importantly, profits.

Business Case Studies for OOH Industry

OOH solution for Bubna Advertising bubna advertising

Our first case study briefly analyses the first outdoor monitoring and compliance system for the largest outdoor agency in India by volume.

OOH Compass Image Compass

One of a kind case study of a simple idea that mushroomed into a OOH application of giant proportions. Or, how Hashbrown Systems conceived, designed and developed Compass.

The Holy Grail of OOH Industry

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    Analytics & Insights

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