Salient Features

LocationWise is a simple application that lets you save location data in various formats, along with the time. We have also provided a nifty option to put a layer upon the image, and as we go along you will see improvements in the functioning of the application.

The next update would also have videos and multiple images functionality alongside reports.

  • Location Data
  • Time Stamp
  • Multiple Images
  • Reports

LocationWise is priced nominally to support and encourage the team behind it. We would keep adding host of other features to the application to improve the overall experience and usability of this mobile application.


These screenshots of LocationWise – the mobile application that lets you save location and coordinate data upon your images, should give you an insight into what is all that we offer.

Home Screen
Image Details
Edit Details
Saved Images


Hashbrown Systems specialize in applications and software that uses geolocation as core requirement. LocationWise serves the right purpose and we stand behind our product.


per month
  • Location Data
  • Time Stamp
  • Multiple Images
  • Reports

Contact Form

Contact Info

If you need further enhancements and / or extension to LocationWise Hashbrown Systems is just an email away.

You may also call us at the number between 9am – 7 pm on most weekdays, and some Saturdays. Well, emails are better. We shall connect you with the right person.

Privacy Policy

LocationWise is a smartphone application that is run, owned and operated by the wonderful, wonderful people at Hashbrown Systems Private Limited. An Indian Information Technology and Software Development Service provider.

The application requires host of permissions to run successfully, and all the information gathered stays on the device. We neither receive, nor save any data that is generated by you for your purpose using this fine application.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, and you would like us to clarify, you can contact us through our contact page.

We hope you find this application useful, fruitful and helpful.