Salient Features

This nifty mobile application incorporates intuitive features and enhancements to let you augment captured images with different stamps and watermark. Here are some key highlights of LocationWise that make it your go-to app for location verification or evidence collection.

  • Capture with inbuilt Camera Inbuilt Camera Image

    You will use your phone’s inbuilt camera only to capture photos. Nothing additional required.

  • Control Over Stamps Stamp Image

    Choose a perfect stamp from the selection of stamps, and alter it according to your image theme.

  • Simple Interface Simple Interface

    Capture a photo or add stamps right from the home screen of the LocationWise application.

  • Real Time Sync Image Real-Time Sync

    Click images with phone’s camera, and it will get real-time synced with an app for further actions.

  • Gallery ReportImage Reports

    Get all image data in csv format, and send them as an evidence with your inspection report.

  • Complete PackageComplete Package

    It’s a single app which provides you all the stamps i.e. Date and Time, Signature and GPS to capture any moment or record any evidence.


Check out below screenshots of LocationWise mobile app. It lets you save date, time, and location co-ordinate data upon your images to help you preserve memories or evidences.

Home Screen
Image Details
Edit Details
Saved images

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Contact Info

If you need further enhancements or extension to LocationWise, Hashbrown Systems is just an email away.

You may also call us at the number between 9am – 7 pm on most weekdays, and some Saturdays. Well, emails are better. We shall connect you with the right person.