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Data analytics is the process usually based on certain algorithms which are run on data, producing conclusions about the information it contains. Data analytics is the techniques used by businesses to visualize the data in a way it can be utilized better and make more informed business decisions. Initiatives in data analytics can empower businesses increase revenue, improve efficiency and optimize customer service efforts.

Data analytics is not only analyzing data but steps like collecting, integrating, preparing and then developing, testing and revising analytical models ensuring a more accurate results. The quantitative and qualitative techniques and processes used to enhance the work flow and overall gain can be referred to as data analytics.

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Data Mining

Data mining which involves identifying trends, pattern and relationship after sorting through large data sets

Data Mining

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics which seeks to predict customers behavior, equipment failures and other future events

Machine Learning

Machine learning, an artificial intelligence technique that uses automated algorithms churn through data sets more quickly than data scientists can do via conventional analytical modeling

Machine Learning

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Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics applies data mining, predictive analytics and machine learning tools to sets of big data that often contain unstructured and semi-structured data

Text Mining

Text mining provides a means of analyzing documents, emails and other text-based content.

Text Mining

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