Intelligent Business Solutions

We build personalized enterprise systems, software applications,

internal and external auditing platform, planning tools and business

solutions to manage operations, customers and processes.

Our real-time OOH Media Monitoring and Audit platform manages over 150,00 locations, including transit media.

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Out of Home Media Monitoring, Audit & Compliance

Hashbrown Systems internal monitoring and audit platform is

the first in the industry tool that enables advertising agencies to manage

huge and geographically

distributed ad campaigns, including

vendor management and

client relationship.

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Institutional Sales and Order Management

Build upon our ‘Boron Platform’, our B2B sales, order and purchasing

management solution manages sales and distribution between brands, distributors,

suppliers, vendors and retailers.

It uses the latest in machine learning technology

to predict orders, reduce wastage

and reduce operational costs.

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Artificial Intelligence for Business

Welcome to the future where we transform businesses and entire industries by deploying artificial intelligence methodologies to create products and automate major operational tasks. We have developed and deployed Ai and Machine Learning solutions for organizations operating in the following three fields.

Financial Markets

We bridged Natural Language Processing with Quantitative Analysis to create a trading bot that makes instantaneous calls on behalf of the investor.

Institutional Sales

One of the largest food processing company in India employs our Machine Learning platform to predict sales, optimize route planning for their sales team, reduce wastage and save on operations costs.

Outdoor Advertising

Our pre-planning tool segments and classifies over 2 million points of interest into one platform that incorporates demography, traffic and other economic data to provide better insights to media planners.

Enterprise Cloud Computing

Hashbrown Systems was one of the early adapters of

cloud computing. We deployed integrated solutions on cloud for

institutional marketing firms,

financial and insurance markets and

outdoor media monitoring,

planning and audit.

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Market Research

Hashbrown Systems dwells in two domain of market research. Though we do the real research

and search for the relevant data for advertisers and marketers; we do that programmatically. We mine

tremendous amount of data to be analyzed for more insightful

decision making. We also build the tools and techniques for data collection,

distribution and storage, and the infrastructure upon which the data is analyzed,

visualized and transformed into insights.

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