Hashbrown system

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    Business Intelligence Suite

    Data Science for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise

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    Real-Time + Location-Aware Applications

    Real Estate | Ride Share | Classifieds | Community Noticeboard

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    Out of Home Media Monitoring Systems

    Mobile Application + CRM + ERP

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    Supply Chain Management

    Sales & Distribution Solutions for Retail and Wholesale

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    Online Marketplace

    Web and Mobile Applications that empower ecommerce and trade

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

- Victor Hugo


Turning years of practice & experience into competitive products

We develop advanced products tailored to our customer’s needs to ensure they achieve business process efficiency and higher business growth.

Our product selection includes Purchasing Manager, LocationWise, Out-of- home Monitoring System, Browze.co, Machine Dalal, and more.



Converting years of practices into intuitive user experience

We provide creative and scalable design & development services as an extension of our core enterprise IT and business intelligence solutions. Our design and development services include web design, web development, mobile app development, online branding, reputation management and more. We build a virtual B2b marketplace to help businesses connect and communicate with their potential customers.

Furthermore, we specialize in building product prototyping using Adobe XT to demonstrate the functionality of the product. We enable businesses to have live conversations inside web and mobile apps with their customers, partners or internal team by adding real-time messaging functionality.

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Building competitive business solutions to streamline your business process and operations

We build best-in- class business solutions to help customers improve business processes and bring utmost efficiency.

You will find ground-breaking business solutions in our selection for outdoor media monitoring, supply chain management, purchase management, location verification, actuarial, algorithm trading and more.

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Providing advanced analytics to help you navigate the exponential growth of digital data

We can help you unlock the business value from a large amount of data by exploring historical data from many source systems using statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, data mining, predictive modeling and other technologies and techniques.

We build automated and algorithm system to identify trends and understand the information that can drive business change and support sustained successful business practices.

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Serving you with end-to- end software consulting and development services

We provide advanced software consulting services to help you get diverse solutions you need to dynamically run your business operations.

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